Employment Program

Abigail Headrick, Miguel Oaks, and Tiffany Jackson of the Employment Program

Until recently, Hospitality House’s employment services were components of the Tenderloin & Sixth Street Self-Help Centers, primarily addressing basic employment needs and providing job-seeking resources.  In 2014, the Employment Resource Center was expanded into the Employment Program (becoming the agency’s sixth full program) in part due to Hospitality House’s leadership with the Homeless Employment Collaborative (HEC).  The HEC is a nine-member collective of organizations that provide employment and training resources to San Francisco’s homeless residents.  Each member agency brings its own specific expertise – adult education, training, job placement, veteran-focused, etc.  Hospitality House’s Employment Program now bridges the leadership of the HEC with our current employment services.  This provides dedicated time and resources to focus on connecting our participants to expanded opportunities for work, more training for staff, and closer coordination of services with our community partners.

For people experiencing homelessness, connection to gainful employment is critical in stabilizing their lives. This new program for Hospitality House will work with the HEC to harness the opportunities created by recent economic growth in San Francisco for the benefit of the communities we serve.

Click HERE  to see a calendar of upcoming Employment Program events at Hospitality House’s Neighborhood Access Points (compiled by OEWD).

For the Employment Program listing of Job Leads and other information, just click HERE.

The Employment Program is located at 146 Leavenworth Street (lower level)
For more information, please call Program Manager, Abigail Headrick at (415)749-2192.
Or contact Case Mangers Tiffany Jackson (415)749-2175.


Special thanks to Twitter for Good for providing our Employment Program with partial funding.