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Healing, Organizing and Leadership Building Program Graduation

Healing, Organizing and Leadership Development Program Graduation

Touching people at many stages in their lives

Hospitality House is a community center supporting the needs of all residents in the neighborhoods we serve. Of the more than 20,000 people whose lives we touch each year, approximately half are homeless adults, with the remaining generally housed in neighborhood single room occupancy (SRO) hotels or other marginal and often unstable living situations. Their commonality is largely poverty. While homelessness in-and-of-itself brings many of its own specific barriers to stability that can be eased through acquiring stable housing, many residents continue to struggle with other aspects of poverty, including lack of stable employment and training, mental health issues, substance use, limited access to healthcare and benefits, and even issues related to successfully maintaining stable housing once they acquire it. Community-based services like Hospitality House are the front line, and are a critical first step, in overcoming a wide range of the issues that cannot be addressed solely through housing placement.

Hospitality House is a truly grassroots effort that applies proven community-based solutions to the most vexing social problems in San Francisco. Our programs work together to touch people at different stages in their lives, whether it is a need for temporary shelter, housing, employment support, cultural activities, health and wellness services, or a place to have a voice in the community. Our holistic approach supports a participant’s sense of self-worth and ability to achieve their full potential.