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GET THE ART YOU WANT… the Annual Art Auction is here!

HANCOCK_Fain_HomeOfTheNereidsNext Friday, May 8th, Hospitality House will be celebrating a community tradition in an event that has brought together celebrated artists, neighborhood residents, gallery professionals, art collectors, community workers, friends and families for the past 30 years. The Annual Art Auction features one of the finest collections of artwork created by nationally renown and local neighborhood artists. This year’s artists include Enrique Chagoya, Hung Lui, Ronnie Goodman, Charles Blackwell, Michael Stevens, Craig Nagasawa, Siliva Poloto, Chad Hasegawa, Jeremy Novy, Betty Merkin, Lucky Rapp, Kristen Stolle, Adrian Ravarour,  and many others. Check out our art gallery preview page here.

Along with the very exciting live auction, this year’s event will include a special “Spotlight Wall” featuring artwork picked by gallery professionals of the art auction committee. Hospitality House’s Layaway Program will help you get the art you want, the art you deserve! Doors open at 6PM at White Walls Gallery. Valet Parking will be available. So get your tickets today and celebrate a tradition. Your support will help the many neighborhood artists who participate in Hospitality House’s programs, including the Community Arts Program.


PORTRAITS OF TWO ARTISTS: Larry Clark & Ira Watkins

This year, Hospitality House is happy to be honoring two of its community artists, Larry Clark & Ira Watkins.

Larry Clark’s artwork on the cover of Time (Dec. 1990 International Edition)

Larry Clark grew up in Franklin, Louisiana and moved to San Francisco in 1987. He has been creating artwork at Hospitality House’s Community Arts Program (CAP) since then, painting and drawing scenes that reflect his Louisiana upbringing and commentary on race relations and poverty.

In 1990, a photographer from Time magazine took a picture of one of Larry’s drawings as it hung on a wall at CAP. He invited Larry to create a picture to run on the cover of the magazine’s international edition. Many of Larry’s paintings also depict the quietly joyful scenes of everyday life featuring family members. His paintings are included in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution at Washington DC and the John Natsoulas Gallery in Davis, CA where he is currently represented.


UPDATE: We are deeply sadden to report that, on May 13, 2015, Mr. Clark passed away. He is survived by his son, Larry Clark, Jr.








Artist Ira Watkins in front of his artwork at Hospitality House’s Community Building Program (photo by R. Takayama)

Ira Watkins, the 73-year-old Texan who has been creating art since he was 8 years old, first came to Hospitality House’s Community Arts Program in the late 1980s. His art depicts and celebrates the African American community of the Bay Area who migrated from the South during World War II to find jobs in shipyards, bringing along its cultures and traditions.  Lately, his art has taken strong political stances, highlighting periods of Afro-American history that reveals the hypocrisy of the dominate culture and the continual racism faced today.

Ira recently sat down with radio host (and Art Auction Honorary Committee Member) Robynn Takayama along with Community Arts Program Manager Ivan Vera to talk about his life and his work.

Listen to the interview by clicking here.

View both Larry Clark’s and Ira Watkins’ artwork in person at this year’s Annual Art Auction and take home the expressive stories of these two remarkable artists.



Hospitality House celebrates Executive Director Jackie Jenks’ 20 years of leadership

Hospitality House Executive Director, Jackie Jenks shows off artwork from the Coalition On Homelessness during her 20 year anniversary celebration [photo by Ivan Vera]

Hospitality House’s Executive Director, Jackie Jenks, shows off prized artwork, a gift from the Coalition on Homelessness, during her 20-year anniversary celebration [photo by Ivan Vera]

 Jackie Jenks seems to be everywhere. As Hospitality House staff secretly met to prepare for a surprise celebration of the Executive Director’s 20 years at the organization, Jackie kept appearing from around the corner, abruptly halting the whispers of cake orders, video tributes, and trophy engravings.  “She’s coming up behind me!” said Community Building Program Manager Joe Wilson, discussing the secret plans over his cell phone right outside (of all places) a BART station. “She’s everywhere!” exclaimed Paul Sedita, Operations Manager.

Like a superhero, Jackie has the ability to appear seemingly out of nowhere, leading, inspiring, and fighting for the Tenderloin neighborhood and the people living here. She is a fearless advocate for the rights of homeless and low-income people with “an unflinching commitment to justice, equality, diversity and a City that remains affordable to all” as Joe so eloquently composed for the inscription on Jackie ornate plaque.

As part of her “surprise” celebration, community leaders and Hospitality House’s leadership team expressed their appreciation of Jackie in 20-second bites. Check it out:

Thank You Jackie! from Hospitality House on Vimeo.

In order of appearance: Jenny Collins HH Program DirectorPaul SeditaHH Operations ManagerCynthia Parker-OheneHH Shelter Progam ManagerJeff KositskyDirector of Hamilton Family CenterKenya HatcherHH Program Manager of Sixth Street Self-Help CenterIvan Vera – HH Community Arts Program ManagerAllan S. Manalo – HH Development DirectorJoe Wilson – HH Community Building Program ManagerJane Kim – SF Supervisor District 6Jennifer Friedenbach – Executive Director, Coalition On HomelessnessPaul Boden – Executive & Organizing Director, Western Regional Advocacy ProjectChristian Castaing – HH Development ManagerRob Arbo – HH Program Manager of the Employment Resource CenterMara Raider – HH Finance ManagerDavid McKinley – HH Program Manager of the Tenderloin Self-Help Center, Daniel Hlad – Development & Communications Director of the Northern California Community Loan Fund and former HH Development Director.


POTLUCK & POETRY: CBP showcases TL Poets

Jose Bernal-Jimenez shares a piece about past love.

Jose Bernal-Jimenez shares a piece about past love.

On a balmy Friday afternoon in March, the Community Building Program hosted its first ever Potluck and Poetry Open Mic where neighborhood poets, playwrights, and creative writers bared naked souls with confessions of deep dark secrets, lost loves, humorous incidents, restless musings, and anger at an unjust  system.

Emceed by Community Organizing Peer Advocate Julia Gallyot, over 40 people listened to the compelling performances while tasting a buffet of various eats. Here’s a sample of a piece written and performed by Joe Wilson:


7-Letter Words

Weapons. Handgun. Bullets. Gunshot. Unarmed. Teenage.
Murders. Racists. Defends. Predict.
Prisons. Upholds. Ignores. Rejects.
Lawyers. Answers.
Objects. Inhuman.
Witness. Account. Useless. Protect.
Falsify. Testify. Justify. Horrify.
Inflame. Instill. Incites. Uproars. Furious.
Outrage. Disrupt. Protest. Revolts.Agitate.
Running. Walking. Talking.
Failure. Beliefs. Silence. Tremble.
Mothers. Fathers. Feeling. Tearful. Swallow.
Sadness. Anguish. Despair.
Imagine. Inspire. Hopeful. Persist. Changes.
Respect. Rebuild. Restore.
Liberty. Freedom. History. Journey.
Coroner. Autopsy. Sermons.
Another. Colored. Funeral.
Justice. America.




Hospitality House is pleased to introduce its new Development Manager, Christian Castaing, who has taken over the spot previously occupied by Allan S. Manalo, now Development Director. Christian is a long-time resident of San Francisco, receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Grinnel College in Iowa.  A prolific creative writer, Christian is currently working on a collection of his stories as he balances the demanding work of an upcoming art auction fundraiser. He has hit the ground running!

To me, coming back to the Tenderloin after five years outside of California is a lot like returning home. As a 16-year-old, I volunteered and interned with Roaddawgz, a youth writing program that was once housed in the basement of Hospitality House’s 146 Leavenworth site. Being able to return as a writer to support the development department at Hospitality House is to me like beginning a new journey back to my roots. Right now we are in full swing for the 30th Annual Art Auction coming on May 8th! Tell your friends, family, and anyone who has ever looked to art as a source of humanity.


Artist Ronnie Goodman exhibits his work at City Hall

Artist Ronnie Goodman speaks about his art at City Hall (photo by Ivan Vera)

Artist Ronnie Goodman speaks about his art at City Hall (photo by Ivan Vera)

Artist and distance runner Ronnie Goodman finds inspiration in the city he runs through. “I am inspired by the beauty of this city and its diversity, balanced with the struggles of human despair. With a brush, I try to capture these raw emotions in painted images.”

Ronnie’s latest exhibit, Soul Journey, opened inside the office of Supervisor London Breed at San Francisco’s City Hall on Thursday, April 30th. The show will last through June.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Ronnie’s love of art began at the age of 6, when he first started drawing. By the age of 8, with the guidance of a close relative, he became more familiar with the different techniques in drawing, but it wasn’t until he turned 25 that he really embraced his talent and decided to explore painting.  Growing up in the Fillmore area gave him the opportunity to discover another passion, Jazz, which became a major motif later on in his works.  Growing pains took him away from art until much later when he encountered the Art in Corrections program at San Quentin where, with the help of volunteering artists who facilitated the program, he broadened his skills and discovered other techniques available to incorporate into his work.  This is where he met Art Hazelwood, one of the volunteering artists, who later became his mentor and good friend.  Ronnie’s passion was such that he ended up running the art studio at the correctional facility until budget cuts threatened closure of the program. This period gave him time to decide how serious he wanted to become with his art.

Once released in 2010, Ronnie decided to rebuild himself and strengthen his core values to make up for time wasted in his youth. Art for him has become the focus from which all else stems. He feels that art gave him a second chance in life, and he recognizes the importance of giving back to the community in the form of art.

Listen to Ronnie’s interview with Melanie J. Green on KPOO’s “The Ibeji Lounge” [the interview begins at 1:45]

Check this out on Chirbit


Hospitality House builds community strength by advocating policies and rendering services which foster self-sufficiency. Learn about the issues affecting our community and find out how you can take action by keeping your ear to the ground.

Market Street for the Masses on KQED Forum

In March, KQED Forum with Michael Krasny brought together leaders from San Francisco’s Mid-Market/Tenderloin neighborhoods and community outreach representatives of two major tech firms to discuss the how the Mid-Market changes are impacting those who have lived and worked in the community for decades.

Listen in on this compelling interview featuring Michael Anderer and Sam Dennison of The Market Street for the Masses Coalition, a collective voice of community organizations of which Hospitality House is a founding member.



[Get involved!]

Saturday, May 2nd
11am – 1pm SFSU Downtown Campus, 835 Market St. Room 677

Planning, Policymaking and Protest: Strategies in the fight against displacement

Hear from advocates on the front-lines of the struggle to preserve and build affordable housing as they discuss various approaches to mitigating the negative impacts of gentrification, what challenges they face, and how they see the road ahead. Moderated by Hospitality House Community Building Program Manager Joe Wilson, the panel features Amy Beinart, RAD Strategies Coordinator at Chinatown Community Development Center; Fernando Marti, Co-Director of Council of Community Housing Organizations; and James Tracy, Director of Community Organizing and Resident Engagement at Community Housing Partnership. Click here for more info.

Friday, May 8th
6pm – 930pm White Walls Gallery, 886 Geary St.

30th Annual Art Auction

Click here for more information or read article above.

Saturday, May 16th
10:00am – 2:00pm Aquatic Park (Van Ness Ave/end of Beach St.)

Coalition On Homelessness


“Right To Play & To Rest”
click here for more information

Sunday, May 17th

12:00pm – 3:00pm  55 Taylor St.San Francisco

Hospitality House Community Arts Program
and the SF Contemporary Music Players present


Soundvoice is a community engagement and educational project created by the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players (SFCMP). Comprised of a learning phase (listening/new-music expository workshops conducted by SFCMP ensemble member) a co-creative/educational phase (answering musical/sound queries, gathering and curating sounds, journaling and other intermedia outputs), culminating in a performance/celebratory component (day-long concert/exhibition at the Center for New Music), it builds upon two successful prior outreach/engagement activities of SFCMP. Click here for more details.



Wednesday, May 20th

4:30pm – 6:00pm  290 Turk St.San Francisco

Hospitality House presents


Meet one of the founders the Tenderloin’s Vanguard (which origins lead to the creation of Hospitality House) and one of the earliest activist of the LGBT rights movement as he discuss the history and activism that preceded the Compton’s Cafeteria Riots and Stonewall. Read more about Mr. Ravarour here and meet him in person on Wednesday, May 20th, 4:30pm at Hospitality House’s Community Building Program, 290 Turk Street.




Friday, May 29th
3:00pm – 5:00pm  146 Leavenworth St. San Francisco

Hospitality House’s Tenderloin Self-Help Center presents

showcase your talentSHOWCASE YOUR TALENT

Come discover the hidden talents of the Tenderloin in a showcase featuring Hospitality House program participants, staff, and friends. Free admission!