Tenderloin Self-Help Center

hospitalityhouse_120314068Tenderloin Self Help Center

The Tenderloin Self-Help Center is unique in that it is the only multi-service drop-in center for both men and women in the Tenderloin seeking to address their immediate and survival needs. The program subsequently links individuals to longer-term services, cultural resources, community engagement activities, and socialization opportunities that promote holistic health and wellness.  More than 10,000 people – housed and un-housed – use the services of the Tenderloin Self Help Center each year.

meter031913089The Tenderloin Self-Help Center provides a wide range of services, including case management, support and social groups, vocational resources, as well as access to basic amenities, such as street respite, restrooms, phone, email, mail service, and weekly grocery distribution.  Through our partnership with the Harm Reduction Therapy Center, the Tenderloin Self-Help Center is able to provide on-site mental health and substance use counseling daily.  The Care Through Touch Institute also provides weekly healing massage and movement therapy to participants also.

The Tenderloin Self-Help Center is located at 146 Leavenworth Street
Hours of operation:  M 7am – 10am; 1pm – 7pm, T-F 7am – 7pm