About Us


Building community by supporting the whole person

Founded in 1967 in response to the large influx of homeless LGBT youth in the Tenderloin, Hospitality House has a long history developing peer-based and culturally appropriate programs for the communities we serve. Our programs create a positive impact, raising the quality of life for all residents and making our neighborhoods healthy and rich with diversity and culture.

Our Community

The Tenderloin. Mid-Market. Sixth Street

It’s a roughly 50-square block area encompassing historic buildings, world-class theaters and notable art and cultural institutions. It was the setting for The Maltese Falcon. It lies in-between the Pac Heights mansions and the South Beach start-ups, the Union Square center of commerce and the Civic Center core of public policy.

propG110114013-1No matter what you call it or how you define its boundaries, it’s the heart of the city. The people who live here have the same hopes and dreams as you and me. Together, with your support, we can make the heart of San Francisco a better place for us all.

Our Mission

To build community strength by advocating for policies and rendering services which foster self-sufficiency and cultural enrichment. Hospitality House encourages self-help, mutual respect, and increased self-esteem. The goal of these efforts is to make the heart of San Francisco a better place for us all.